What Materials are Used for Concrete Floor Polishing?

There are different types of materials that are used for concrete floor polishing. Of course there is the concrete mixture which serves as the base. Then, there are the aggregates that will help determine the overall appearance and pattern that will appear on the surface. After that, there is also the indensifier and the sealants that shall be used to make the finish both glossy and smooth. What is good about this type of flooring is that you can customize and personalize the final look of your floor depending on your creativity and imagination.

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The first thing that you would need for concrete floor polishing is of course cement or a concrete surface to work on. If you are starting on a new concrete surface, then what you need is cement, sand, and aggregates that will provide a strong and hard mixture when set. If you already have a cement or concrete floor, then what you only need to do is to use some sanding in order to make the surface smooth or to expose the underlying pattern or design of the aggregate that was originally used. This helps to give the concrete a unique and lovely look as well.

Next, you will need the aggregate and other decorative item that you want to place in your flooring. You can select from various stones and other similar items with hardness and density that will help give your floor some character and design. Some people have opted for added marbles or pebbles that helps to give some texture in a visual way. There are also those who chose to add some colorful shells to the surface of the floor and embedded it in fresh cement.

Lastly, you will need the indensifier which serves to harden the concrete and provide it with the shiny finish. Although the surface will still be sanded afterwards, the chemicals in the indensifier actually penetrates the surface of the concrete and helps to give it a more reinforced structure. After sanding, it will then be coated with a sealant that will serve to smoothen the concrete and help to protect it from damage. The kind of sealant that will be used will depend on how tough you would like the final surface to be. In the end, the kind and style of concrete floor polishing that you will get will depend upon your own choices and decisions.

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